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Awesome, I must be moving up in the world to get the attention of one of the Mods.
if you need a guy to bouce ideas off of and test things, I am your guy... I have to be one of the only ones who has heard of/likes jedi style...
That would be great. I'll PM you if I need something that I can just discuss in this thread. (Sides, it gives the thread a good bump at the same time. We're still in the Design / Recruitment stage so it will probably be a while before we get to a Beta Testing point.
also say the word, and in 30min EVERYBODY will know... I can get ahold of anyone, belive me
Well, we could really use someone who knows how / wants to sort thru the animations and set up the modified animations we'll need. I know very little about the animation setup and it sounds rather complicated. But, fortunately, I believe we can do everything we want to do without needing to create "new" animations.

As for other needs, the more coders, the better. This is mainly a gameplay Mod so we don't exactly need mappers, skinners, etc. But, we could use them to recreate some of the famous movie battles to show off the improved combat system and add a little "flash" to the presentation.
this new mod sounds WONDERFULL, and the only advice I have is:dont start too big, start on the small side.

also, people like previews. if they know about it, and like it, they will come back for more. think yoda model thread
Very wise advise. I've been trying to keep this thread up to date with my current design docs, but that hasn't seemed to generate as much interest as I had hoped. But that's ok.

As for trying to start small, I've already assigned the whole leveling system to Stage Two of the project but I may have to divide it up more to generate some interest and help. Of the Stage One modifications I think the Saber Clash/Force Dodge/Fatigue is the most important but they'll also be the hardest to impliment. :P Maybe we should start with a small release that tweaks the Specials....
why not instead of powerups, you would pick your gun(if so inclined) off a point based menu, much like the current force menu?
That's a great idea! It would be a good way to work on the UI and game code without getting TOO deep into it. I think I'll add that to the Design Doc (if that's ok with you. )

The gun attactments are good ideas too. I'll also add them to the DD but I'm not sure how implementable weapon add-on are in the game. (It may require adding "new" weapons for the add-on abilities and that may not be possible yet.)

I agree that the Disrupter need a work over. Maybe set secondary to zoom toggle and Push/Pull to zoom in and out? And add a diminishing random "barrel float" to the sights instead of a Rainbow 6 Crosshair thingy (sorry, I don't remember how the RTCW sniper scope worked....)

Anyway, thanks for the great input! I'll be sure to credit you for your contribution.

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