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oh, ok. Ether way the more people know about the Mod the better. Well, at least until the "D00d, h0w d0 I G3t t00 s@b3rs N J3Di M0D????!!!!!"people show up.

sweet, go ahead and PM me their contact info so I can pump them for information.

I'll be sure to go check out the IRC when I've got the time. It's bedtime for me also.

edit: I have done enough mapping to know your idea, good as it may be, will not work at this time. there is no way to unBSP a map, and the only 2 ways to do what you would want/need is:1, remake the maps from scratch... doable, but very time consuming. OR 2, convince raven to somehow release/send us/do it for us the .MAP files of the above maps... yeah right...
Well, crap. But, I figured that was the case. Would it be possible to do it from inside the game code instead of the map files? I figure the map triggers are probably filtered down into the code at some point. (since the trash compacter can't kill Duelers but the falls can.) If we found that piece of code we could probably do a custom hack for each map to simply respawn your character at a certain point instead of just kill him. I don't know how we could explain trash compacter yet...maybe force the player to force speed out the door when the compacter trigger is pressed?

Well, good night all! I'll be sound to answer all messages in the morning.

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