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Glad you're considering things like that. I believe someone suggested that raised damage, relying on the CoC, would end battles too quickly. You have a point, but I think there's something else you should consider.

Firstly, nerfing guns will never fly. The imperial flechette already takes a few good hits to use well, as do the other explosive weapons. Granted, because they have a large splash damage, you get a lot of leniency on where you fire and how you attack someone. The imperial flechette doesn't explode until it makes contact or goes it's max range, but we can basically call it the most versatile of the guns, as it can create a mine field in seconds, and kill at point blank range in one hit. However, the guns still require aiming, and against other guns they aren't a problem. Imagine playing a game where someone fires five or six rockets at you, and even though your body is being flung helplessly from place to place, you pull some move and end up with a victory. !?!?!?!. That would anger a great many people.

Against sabers, it's a different story. Not because the gun is too powerful, but because the saber isn't powerful enough. Even at 1.02 values, or slightly above, on average, the damage a saberist can deliver would probably be equal to a wookie bowcaster shot or two. Remember, if you don't hit a person dead on, the damage is decreased. Playing JK2++, it's almost necessary to use force speed because that's what most gunners use to dominate. If you aren't moving faster than normal, all guns will dominate you. Because you use speed, you are always able to catch up with a gunner if they engage in combat. However, why would you ever use a lightsaber in that situation if he dealt more damage than you ever could, and not only that, but his weapon has a huge blast radius, meaning he doesn't have to be nearly as precise as you. Meanwhile, you have to run through his armageddon, slash him, and procure an average of 40 points of damage. You were better off selecting the stormtrooper rifle... you could have done more damage more quickly and you could have kept range.

Also, with the CoC, I understand that with high damage, unless your blocking is dead on, a lot of people are going to be dying very quickly. Well, on the flipside, when everyone starts to the play the mod more frequently, and they start to get GOOD (not average, but GOOD) with the CoC, then the lower damage will make saber fights almost too long. I envision people switching to heavy stance more frequently because it would be able to break guards more frequently, and it would be the only stance that could finish the job quickly. Again, it is more of a preference. Do you enjoy a battle where two elite gamers can make saber battles fifteen minutes long, each hitting each other about five or six times, or would you rather see two elite games blocking very well, but the first one to slip up or get faked out falls? The JK2++ settings are not exorbitant. People survive against lethal sabers for more than 2 seconds. Because kicks exist, and there is such a thing as rolling and force jumping out of the way of erratic swinging, saber battles have evolved into more of a precise timing and hitting. Even though blocking is still the old screwy style, if you don't think, and decide to just swing your saber, you'll be surprised when your opponent's swing beats you to the punch and either kills you or reduces you to minimal health. This system also almost completely negates the problems inherent with force drain, and force heal. While the powers have always been asked by the community to be nerfed, it doesn't have to be changed in range or nerfed by much (okay, force heal needed an adjustment), because with high damage, as long as you stick on your opponent, you will procure a kill quickly. No more typing stuff like "stop running and healing". Instead, you have direct results.

In short, give the lightsaber the power of the imperial flechette damage range, and I feel you'll see excellent gameplay change. The lightsaber would then be truly feared, and not seen as a weapon that can be second guessed and ultimately overpowered by gunners. It is NOT easy to kill a gunner or anyone with higher saber damage. This is fluff. I have played this way for a month and half now, saber only, and I can tell you that a large majority of JK2++ players do not and cannot amass large amounts of kills using a lightsaber. Guns are still the much much much easier way to win. However, if you're dedicated to this style, you can become quite a surprise to the gunners, and somewhat effective.

Just to clarify though, I'm not trying to promote another mod, but rather promote higher saber damage. I'd suggest this level of saber damage to ANY mod that exists. The replies I get are usually the same: "unbalanced, die too quickly, etc.". In the beginning, yes, you will die quickly. But when players get GOOD, and the damage isn't high, what you get is entire marathons of two player models grunting from saber damage. I have no doubt that skill is involved, but if you get to higher levels, and the saber damage can be predicted and considered reasonable damage in a trade off, the skill will gradually drop until it's too elite players trying to guess which way they can trade hits and come out on top. If ALL the stances are quite fatal, then you'll be switching stances for their styles and moves, and more rarely on how much damage you can deal.
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