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I'd have to say that LDB_Viper was and still is one of the best players I've played. I'm not talking from a biased point of view (yeah, so he was in my clan, but he was damn fine at the game).
I remember when Modeski, Viper Myself and another member of LDB were in a clan war against the SR clan. He and I made a good 2 man team...
That's not to say that Modeski is at all bad... :-)
Definately the worst player I've known was a guy called Asaman.
Jeez, he didn't have a clue about MP, and had claimed to have been playing for a good 2years at it!
He used keyboard control, never ran, tried to take me out with a bryar (not impossible, but considering he used no force either, it seems a little unbalanced.
Anyway, I've blabbed enough...


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