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I have been saying this all along, from when I posted as a little bantha fodder, to now. Whiners are whiners, they will never stop complaining, so Raven should not appease to them. They will always find SOMETHING to complain about. These are the brand of people who THINK they are good, but in reality are not, and cannot cope with the details of the game. If they spent some time to learn the game and become GOOD, they would see that the complains they HAVE BEEN making are all wrong. First of all, DFA. People complained because they thought DFA was over powered? HELL NO it wasn't. I rarely used DFA, and when a DFA whore faces me, he usually dies, because well, there's something called moving to the SIDE of him. THe only the that needed fixing of the DFA was the in ground damage it dealt.

But the story goes along with the little whiney kids, that flaunt there way back to this forum and start complaining, and in the end, nerf DFA, and actually nerf sabers altogether.

Alas, out comes 1.03, the supposed 'savior' of JK2, 'the' patch that was going to balance things for those who thought it was UNbalanced.

Little did we know that 2 days later, a scurry of vermin, the whiney little gremlins, the plague of JK2, come back with some MORE to complain about. It seems that backstab has become a move that is over used, and is a 1 hit kill. Those who cannot use it are all complaining about how they cannot win. wah this, wah that. They do this without thinking..hmm..why didn't 1.02 have backstabbers? Maybe because we caused Raven to nerf saber damage and make it nothing more than a glow stick?

With the unsuccessful opening of 1.03, many of the JK2 community left, because of the crumbling of their JK2 foundation, and the overrun of noisy whiners all over the community.

A new savior was needed. Something new, something that would bring saber fighting back. Heroes walked into the community, claiming they will save it, and bring it back to what it once was. These heroes brought us Jedi Mod, JK2++, and 1.04. They had improved the community, at first bringing back saber damage, and the lethality of the once glow stick. But things would not remain this our heroes fell into the constant whining of the scum of the community. In turn, the backstabs were nerfed.

As the community adjusted to these changes, and learned to live with them, and actually began to enjoy the game again, the community grew, and it's strength in the gaming world began to blossom once more. But the little gremlins have not left our gentle community. They still lurk out there, there have been sightings of such ghastly beings, as some men continue to here their complaints about kick being overpowered. Alas, could this be another attack on our gentle community?

Hey Superman, Cry me a river!

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