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Unhappy Another ting i noticed,

I'm colour blind ok, and the red crosshair is bloody impossible to see for me on most maps, how about bright green or blue. Most maps clash with the crosshair really bad for me.

I know we colour blind folk are a rare breed but i think it may be why i find this mod so hard to play with.

Also, is it possible to alter the Y co-ordinates for the crosshair, as i naturally look down to get a feel for the distance to opponent, pointing up at the chest is too disorientating for me.

The other question is, was this mod intended to balance guns versus sabres because with default settings, saberdamagescale 1 its like a 1 hit kill mod. It feels liek every win or loss i get is down to pure luck. Suffice to say I'm a duellist and I'm used to long fights.

I really am starting to get bad vibes about this mod, despite how ingenious the combat system is. It just feels like too radical a departure from the previous incarnations and mods.

Oh god, I hate to be the party pooper....

Peace & Ting

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