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My first post.. here are the guys I remember.
there all MOTS post board guys.
Kurgan"there can be only 1", and his bro Saber 50, OJ"not guilty",StillPlayN,The Great Yoda (my buddy who disappeared), Jedi JAX (Nicest guy I ever played with) you for got the sweeds who joined GQ INK,& ASH, (2 power houses).machoman, oh remember Zoro (I still got him on icq )llllGODlllll the unskilled hacker feared by poor inocent newbies my bro sent him in to negitive points.. (carb & push)never saw him again!does anyone remember DrOiD..? my bro told me stories about him (great guy/programed some ofJK). well im looking forward to the great battle I will wage V.S. those who don't believe MOTS was better then JK! the war will be held in the arena that is called OBI WAN...DF3! long live! (sorry got amped)
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