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Sorry, I forgot to mention Obi-Wan in many ways, a guy after my own heart. ; )

There was also a guy named Joker who was pretty good and pretty friendly. I can't remember if it was him or somebody else who was the "boxing champion."

I'll also add ImgSrc a guy who held on for a long time in the community and wasn't too bad. We all thought he had a big ego because he had a "kills" page with screenshots of all his victories. I recall he beat me once, then I eventually did him the favor back in a game. That was fun. A cool guy who helped start the CTF group (remember that?).

Then there's Hiss the Trandoshan lovin' player who as I recall, gave Kodiak and I hell in a hand basket in many a game. Think he worked the late shift at a hotel, so he always had a game or a kind word. His famous "Rebel Strategy Guide" is still around (though not updated).

A fun topic.. thanks for the memories guys!


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