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Re: Cool

Originally posted by Jah Warrior
Well I must say I'm surprised I expected to get flamed for my comments.

Glad to hear you are taking them on board, when i say one hit kills, perhaps I was exagerating... but I mean like two yellow hits in a split second and pooof you are all but dead, eeeek.
You know the sort of shimmy in yellow the horizontal strokes that is.
hehehehe. sounds like you got tagged (or did the tagging) pretty well.
That medium left-right-left shimmy is great, but it forces you to pretty much stand in place--which can be dangerous, especially in a team game.


All the things you said you will be implementing pretty much address the comments made by regulars on our server so best of luck getting them done.

For the mean time, I'll be running the promod during the day time and reverting to jedimod at evening for the free for alls so we can prance about like pschotic yodas.

Oh yeah - an idea, for multi duels how about an icon similar to in team ffa that only shows up for the person you are duelling, that could work i spose..... and that wouldnt sap cpu time either or at least no where near as much.
Good idea. I'm definitely going to implement that or something similar whether i do multiple ffa duels or not.

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