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Btw, about the dodge system. Wouldn't it be easier just to make it an effect to a force power?

Like take one of the under-used force powers, Seeing. Most people only do this to level 1. Because let's face it. It's not overally useful beyond that. Sure at level 3 you can dodge sniper fire, but.. c'mon.

Maybe you should make it where seeing gives you a chance to dodge automatically? Like level 1 seeing still lets you see people invisible (assuming you're still making mind trick make you go invisible, if you're not then don't bother with that). But you could make level 1 give you a 5% chance of dodging a blaster shot or lightsaber attack. Level 2 15% change. Level 3 40% chance. I dunno just a thought. Might just make it easier to make it random. Although you're idea sounds fine, I was just offering a simplier solutation, since Seeing is pretty unused for the most part (level 2 and 3 anyway).

Changing some of the other existing force powers to make them more movie-like might be a good idea too.
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