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Well I meant for the gameplay type to allow only Jedi to use a Lightsaber, not your whole mod. Anyway, I understand it's alot of work, it was just an idea.

As for the weapons. What about simply limiting the number of weapons someone can carry? Like they can have a pistol, primary weapon, secondary weapon and selected explosives? But in the UI also give the person a choice whether to use a Lightsaber or Stun rod instead? But if you pick Lightsaber, it counts as the primary weapon, so therefore you can only carry a pistol, second weapon, and selected explosives?

Also could make it an OPTION to have it if you go no Lightsaber you can't use the force, but you get to carry more weapons? Making it a viable option to go Bounty Hunter as opposed to normal fitted soldier or Jedi. That'd give it a little more variety? Making it customizable for all types of people, would be nice. I don't think that'd take a whole lot of skinning, programming and such.

Just another idea anyway.
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