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*ariel walked towards the ship looking it carefully*

allright well take this ship... although im sure we'd have a better chance making the trip in a speeder, we dont have a speeder so this will have to do

*Ariel turned to see two men Cloaked fully in black standing where Tarin and esli previously stood. Surprised she let out a startled gasp and quickly drew her blaster from its holster and took aim at the man standing where Tarin had been


*Ariel fired the blaster at the tall dark figure standing where Tarin had been. Nothing happened. Ariel pulled the trigger again, still nothing. Then realization struck, she had forgotten to replace her blaster coil. Ariel dropped the blaster and shakily drew her lighsaber.
She never thought she would have to use it yet her master insisted she carried it at all times.
Ariel held the handle in front of her and pressed the small button, igniting the blade. Ariel flipped the saber upside down in her hands. There was a moment of calmness as she gripped the handle, unconsciously recalling her training...
...Ariel Charged*

[oos: note: my character is suffering from teleportation sickness just so you know Wacky Baccy and Clefo.. Tarin and Elsi are still there, Ariel is just hallucinating thinking that Tarin and Esli are the evil men in black cloaks who blew up her ship and whatnot.. so yeah .. just thought id let you know to prevent confusion ]

*threatens you with his belt buckle*

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