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Josine whirled around at the noise behind her, startled that someone else would be in this decripit old building. What she saw though, surprised her even more. Instead of some old, worn looking hobo or a wino asking for money, a tall, sharply dressed men, clad entirely in black stood facing her.

"Hello, Josine."

Oh great, just what she needed, a tall, dark man who knew her name. Probably from the authorities, looking into her roles in the suspicious deaths of her entire family. She fingered the blaster inside her coat, and took a step backwards.

"Who are--"

Her question was cut off as her backward step took her over the window ledge and landed her flat on her back in the middle of the street. It was a beautiful day, one of those days where mother nature seems to seductively wave her finger at you, begging you to come outside and forget the fact that several trillion people had just perished in a death that made Tarkin look like a small child's nanny.

Josine didn't notice this, though, because she was to busy trying to get to her feet before this strange figure could arrest her, or rape her, or worse. She scrambled up and took of down the alley running. She looked back for a moment to see the figure moving through the wall, and in that moment she made her mistake. Namely, that she'd forgotten that this alley was a dead end, and the aforementioned dead-end was made of ferrocrete. She was out cold.

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