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Post I Found DedServ's In A JK uni File!

Thats right folks, i dunno if anyone has ever found this before but i thought it was really really interesting but here it is anyhow:


"GUI_CLIENTSERVER" 0 "Enable Client/Server"
"GUI_CLIENTSERVER_HINT" 0 "Run networking in client-server mode"

are the lines that might interest you. there's a prompt and a line that looks like a client server option which we all know jk does NOT have. I found this in the res1 gob not the res2 and its jkstrings not sithstrings or any other stupid as uni file you might dig up on yer own. its under the multiplayer options section. This leads me to wonder what the hell happened to this option because we all know that it would have allowed fer dedicated servers in JK! uni file came right off the cd. this might mean that they had originally intended to put ded servs in, or that they had attempted to and ran out of time. if the latter is true, then that could mean that there's a half complete option fer ded servers in jk! it might be illegal, but an ambtitious editor might just want to finish the code and post the thing as a mod. ive never actually looked at the netcode so i can't tell yah, but mebe someone with a lil more exp in that department than me could help us all out and check. thats all i had to offer, please respond quickly, cause im interested as all get out in this possibly irelevant discovery, if it hasnt already been discovered =P.

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