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"Everyone" of course being five people who used to post every other minute. ; )

This forgets about the couple of people who join the boards every few days. If you're so worried about people leaving, then by all means, hunker behind your bunker!

Actually, JK has moved up two spots since it was added to the poll only a few days ago. It's now beating Tribes and "MUDs."

Hilariously, it's only one vote behind "Online Sucks" (lol). Keep those votes coming!

I like JK even though I'm not a fanatical SW fan. I don't even own that many LEC games (DF, Rebel Assault 2, JK/MOTS). I like it because it's innovative (even still is to some degree today), and fun, and holds my attention alot better than the majority of the competition. Yeah SW is cool, but it's only icing on the cake. If it was about sorceror Knights, or something, I'd still be a fan. ; )

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