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Question Could someone please explain blocking mechanics?

I'm a bit confused as to how blocking worked in each of the patches and how it works in ProMod. As I understand it, the game autoblocks when you don't swing the saber. I don't know if it blocks EVERY attack (DFA, etc), but that's how you block.

In 1.02, did the sabers clip through each other when both players swung? -I don't remember. I don't like that idea. -not very realistic.

In 1.03, they bumped up the autoblocking right? I like that b/c you had these really cool swing fests that were like the movies. Now I realize that's not the best thing for competitive online players, and doesn't really reflect much skill. It just felt really cool to do that. Then there was the Ghoul2 detection. -I loved that. Again I think it was more autoblocking right?

Did they always have poly-to-poly collision detection for the sabers? I think that's what made the Ghoul2 settings so cool. If you took a swing, and your oppenent took a swing, and the sabers crossed each others' paths, they collided, and depending on the stance of each player, a block, deflection, or parry ensued. Is that right? I think this is what brought about all that complaining about not needing skill to play anymore. I still think it was more realistic. What is a sword fight if not to try your best to strike your oppenent, while also trying to keep from being struck. If my oppenent swings at me. I would intuitively swing back, to block the strike. I liked how your oppenent would meet your strikes with block after block, no matter what direction you swung from, until you hit that opening and bam! you score a hit. I thought that's what made 1.03, G2, and 1.04 so good.

Now there's pro mod, where blocking is absolutely garaunteed, provided you are facing your enemy correctly, i.e. your CSC is small and red, right? Well that sounds cool too. It's like having an intuitive "block button" installed. Would I be correct in saying that in order to block, you essentially have to NOT swing, and be facing your oppenent correctly? If that's the case what happens when both players swing at the same time? Do the sabers clip through each other to score a hit, or do they collide and react according to chosen stance, and CSC score?
-That's my big question I guess.

I guess what I don't understand is, that you have "official blocks" that you make when you don't swing and just sort of face the enemy. Then there's the "unintentional blocks" that occur to whatever degree when both sabers are swung and meet each other. -how did that work in each of the patches, had how does it work with Promod? Also what is your opinion on each of those ideas. Is there a fight between cinematic feel, and good competitive gameplay?

I apologize for the length and sort of strange structure of this post. I just could never understand fully how the game handles blocking.

If anyone could shed some light on this, it would be immensly appreciated.

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