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Also what is your opinion on each of those ideas. Is there a fight between cinematic feel, and good competitive gameplay?
IMO, I don't think there is. I believe it's entirely possible to have a cinematic feel AND good competitive gameplay based on skill, speed, and strategy.

Now, you'll notice that most of the more vocal posters here believe that autoblocking goes against the good competitive gameplay, but I don't believe that.

I've come up with a design doc for a Mod that includes a form of auto-blocking that will (in time with a good dose of balance testing) give the player a chance to recreate famous battles from the movies with a system designed to replicate the unique
"rules" of saber combat. But, I don't want to hijack ArtifeX's thread any longer so I'll direct you to my lightsaber combat theory thread and the Masters of the Force Thread.

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