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*the two targets Misae was following round the corner only to duck right back*

Girl: Ahhh! You didn't tell me you heard a crowd!

Boy: You didn't ask!

Misae is above them on a rooftop. She accidentally kicks her foot, and pebbles rain down on the crowd below. People look up.

"Look! Up there!"

"It's one of the Jedi!"

"Didn't they all get killed?"

Useless to pretend to hide now, Misae thought. She leaped down, using the Force to slow her fall.

Misae: I heard that Deac destroyed the superweapon that Cracken used against us! We have no proof that he caused the Aesir to attack! And even if he did, why should you blame his son?

*turns to Orthos* You are his son, right?

((OOS: Deac, should I bring Raschel into this? It doesn't have to affect the Wraith Squadron RPG, of course))

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