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Originally posted by KayTannee
Just my 2cents about Gunners and Force Powers.

Would creating 2 Class's a Jedi, which can use Sabers and Force, or a gunner class which can use guns but no saber and force. Would that balance out some issues with some of the FFA games? Obviously this option should be able to be turned off.

But anyway.

Mod Sounds Great, Excelllent work!
you don't even need a mod for that....there is a command for it (i don't know it though)

look around for servers that say jedi vrs merc or anything like that

the icon beside the name is a picture of a gun and a saber with the letters vrs

its quite fun playing jedi vrs merc

choose jedi:
force powers, healing packs or bacta...shields can be picked up

choose mercenary
guns, stun baton, healing packs, bacta, and shields all available but no force powers which makes you easy to push off a ledge or saber throw, etc

still great fun though

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