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quick idea: re, gun addons: would it help to make the addons a invintory(sp?late) item? now, before you jump on me, I dont know jack about Q3 coding, other then the 16 weapon limit...

I have heard this might be hacked, is this yes/no/maybe/ok, kinda thing?

also, I have some people I know, who map, and one guy for animations... you want me to put you togeather? or what?

th eonly problem, nither of them do much in the forums... hmm... anyway, it looks cool sofar!

doh, I know what I forgot.

if you are tweeking the guns, I would like to see somthing added that has been lacking in all SW games so far.


gun clips that is, just think: having to reload your gun/let it cool... this could balence some of them vs sabers right there... would you spam alt rep fire if it took 3 secs to reload that nade lonucher? and I KNOW the e-11 has a 15 rould clip...

the only problem, there are not any animations for this... you would either have to make them, or just have the gun lower/rise out of sight... and hear the sound. it cant be hard to code, many Q3 games do this...

one thing thats harder to do, but would rock, is to have random/heat buildup jamming... americas army does this very well... it does not happen often, but often enough to need a key bound...

anywya, I've been talking to long, I shuld so to bed now... late... night, and hope to hear good things about the above ideas

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