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Re: Could someone please explain blocking mechanics?

Originally posted by Deadeye
Im a bit confused as to how blocking worked in each of the patches and how it works in ProMod. As I understand it, the game autoblocks when you don't swing the saber. I don't know if it blocks EVERY attack (DFA, etc), but that's how you block.
Blocking in 1.03 and 1.04 happens whenever you're not swinging your saber and you have your opponent somewhere in your front-facing 180-degree view. Either your sabers just happen to hit each other, or you autoblock, simple as that.

In ProMod, if your and your opponent's saber come into contact, both players CSC's are tested, and a resulting effect is determined, either a block, deflect, knockaway or defense breaker depending on how the two values are compared. If one player's saber slips past the other's defenses, then CSC's are likewise checked for whether the defender has a value high enough to block the attack.

In either case, the higher CSC wins, though the defender always has a slight (very slight) advantage to their CSC to make blocking slightly easier.

A good general principle would be if you're attacking, try not to hit your opponent's saber when you swing. If you're defending, try to use Light or Medium stances which place your saber out in front of your body like a shield.

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