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Arrow Calling all Al MacDonald fans!

I have gotten permission to arrange two new huge packs of skins (in Gob format for easy use) collected from the work of Al MacDonald, renowned skin-artist, for use with JK multiplayer.

Al's Movie Skinpack contains many quality skins from the following movies:

The Fifth Element
Judge Dredd
Battlestar Galactica
Indiana Jones Trilogy
Masters of the Universe
The Shadow
The Rocketeer

Download "Al's Movie Skinpack" here:

Al's Unofficial Star Wars Skinpack contains over 160 new quality Star Wars related skins along sounds from the movies for various characters. Skins are from the original trilogy, the phantom menace, the expanded universe, fan fiction, and theoretical Episode II material.

Download "Al's Unofficial Star Wars Skinpack" here:

I will soon be posting links on the BFP2X page about it.

Together these skinpacks represent Al's best public skinwork, so check them out, you owe it to yourself as a fan!


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