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Originally posted by Mandolorian54
Well the most powerful "jedi" is yoda
for those of you who said vader he is not a jedi he's a sith!
if you had read the begining post you'd see that we started discussing the greatest sith lords as well

Originally posted by Mandolorian54
But........Boba Fett fett: is way better than any jedi!!!!
and, your proof?

Originally posted by Mandolorian54
But the curent best jedi is Luke as in at the present.
because yoda is dead and all that.
just because he is the only jedi going arround yelling that he is a 1337 jedi master while the other jedi hide doesn't mean he's the best

Originally posted by Mandolorian54
and when qui gon jin said that anikin was the chosen one I think that Luke is actually the chosen one but anyway.......:
let's see 100s of light jedi vs. 20 jedi who left the order and 2 sith lords, which side do you think the force was favoring

just some constructive criticism
oh, BTW WELCOME to the KortOR boards

Originally posted by Rogue9
KIRK "How'd you get rid of them Scotty"
SCOTTY "Why I used that transporters Sir"
KIRK "You didn't..."
SCOTTY "No, Sir I didn't beam them over to the Klingons, even they don't deserve that"
KIRK "Then How..."
SCOTTY "I Spaced the Little Buggers, Didn't seem right to foist 'em off on the Klingons, after all nothing is more evil than a ewok"
KIRK "Excellent Decision Scotty, I'm putting you in for a Comendation.
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