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Re: SW trivia Quiz

read the rules:
Originally posted by virtualoctopus
I had an idea for a game to liven up this forum....
Basically, I'll ask a question. If you get the answer right, you get to do the next question. The question has to be about Star Wars. You must specify with these abreviations what type of question it is :
you get confermation before asking the next question, and octopus hasn't updated the thread yet...

and might it have anything to do with him needing life support after some sort of volcano incident with obi? something about his falling out with the jedi order and his master...

Originally posted by Rogue9
KIRK "How'd you get rid of them Scotty"
SCOTTY "Why I used that transporters Sir"
KIRK "You didn't..."
SCOTTY "No, Sir I didn't beam them over to the Klingons, even they don't deserve that"
KIRK "Then How..."
SCOTTY "I Spaced the Little Buggers, Didn't seem right to foist 'em off on the Klingons, after all nothing is more evil than a ewok"
KIRK "Excellent Decision Scotty, I'm putting you in for a Comendation.
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