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Post How's JK still doing MP wise?

Three years ago's chatroom didn't see an hour (except at night) where there wasn't about a dozen or more people in there creating games for people to join. One look in there told me that's just not the case anymore. Anyways, I'm thinking of buying my copy of JK and MotS back from the kid I sold it to and I'm wondering what the MP situation for those games are. About how many people still play it MP, how easy/hard is it to find a game, and is the Zone a good idea or a bad one?

I might as well get the other questions out too:

1.) Where's a good source of user-made SP and MP levels (with reveiws if possible)?

2.) Where do I go for mods, addons, skins, and things like that?

3.) Does Jeff Walters still have his Cloud City site up, and if so where?

4.) Are there any bots for JK or MotS yet? There weren't any back in 1998 if I remember correctly, but then that was some time ago.

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