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I just hope if DF3 doesn't the light of day we won't have people whinning like they did for Obi-Wan. I do not want to go thru another period like that.

Editing in TPM would be kewl!

I think one of Kurgan's points is the most important one:

Let me bold this and put it in caps so LEC see it... Please pay attention makers of games at LEC:


I don't give a monkey's ass (hi pb!) if you take 5 years to make it... PLEASE MAKE IT BUG/ERROR FREE! I hate playing a game and having it screw up millions of times b/c of stupid bugs in it. That's my only complaint with TPM. I've had to start over a few levels b/c of it screwing up. So please I beg you: don't release a game unless it has been well tested.

Thank you

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