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Let's say this:

As long as it does not touch Ghoul (i.e. saber and animations) I'm ok with it.

The problem is, I do not know how much free time I will have from september 1st.

But things like weapon changes, general prog, I can do them


oh and also, just for you to know, the wall walking is now treated like a jump with a modified animation AND a chance to jump to side (aka flip from the wall)

[more edit]

Lightsaber is one weapon. The stances are treated like different values of one variable (for example similar to this):
if(pm-ps.right>0 && pm->ps.forward>0) //moving right-forward
if( stance==1) //light

else if(stance==2)
etc etc
(code is only an example, actual names will differ of course)
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