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Level progress......

I'm about 10% done with my new level. I'm cleaning it up a bit, added new stuff, there's going to be some serious nosebleeds and whatever else you get when you reach certain alititudes. I still have to make the rebels base too!!! at least the imperial's base is looking pretty good. I've got some more ideas by playing force commander for a couple hours. more ideas of radars dishes, and buildings, etc. The level might be a little boxy, but not too boxy, since I know how to cleave sectors (making 3dos pays off!). I'm not sure if I should add indiginous life or not, that attacks both sides, it would be pretty funny seeing the rebels get attacked by it. I'm going to add some security cams, place them on all the imperials (make those stormtrooper helmets have a purpose!)

good thing i start off with a small level and work on one part at a time, and then when the part is done, work on another part.

You could probably count on some strange pictures of the level being on my website in a week or so.

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