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You can however download it if the server has autodownload-on (I think).
That's the problem, I don't want them having to download it. I run mostly custom maps and I don't want them having to download both the mod and the maps. As it is most people don't wait for the maps. And I don't want to disable auto download because of the maps.

Besides, I really only want people joining who already have the mod and actually have read the readme. I getting tired of newbies who are saying that the only difference they can see is a new crosshair and then bitching when they die or take damage they wouldn't of had in the typical game. It's ridiculas trying to explain such a complex mod to them. I love how people join modded servers and have no clue what the mod does.

It doesn't bother me that a newbie joins my server provided they listen and most are good about it, but of course there are the ones who don't and then bad mouth the mod or the server. As much as I'd like to be in my server all the time, I can't, I do have a life outside the computer.

Server-Side Mods create problems with the movements.
Like what? I haven't noticed anything like this, so can you please clarify.

I'm sorry, this has become somewhat of a rant, so I'll stop here.
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