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I always goto jah warriors server and my views will probably reflect his.

Most of the things he said i'd prob agreew ith cos i palyed it with him alot.
The default damage is a bit too high i think and you end up with real sohrt matches and lucky kills.
I like the colour thing abotu the damage and stuff, quite neat but i think it's reinvented that prob in 1.02 where you could slah right across them and it cna go thorugh them if you are very clsoe to them.

Soemtiems when you block it doesn't show an animation

Alot of the ityme when the action gets close sometiems the otehr guy dies form the you hit but quickly jsut go the other direction, liek the double yellow slashes but its too pwoerful and will kill osmeone with full health. It seems it goes behind the defense and they can't block.

Just pointing a few things out there. otherwise it's pretty cool. I leik how thw blue spammer cna jsut charge in, he'll get his ass handed to him

Overall it's a good mod with a few flaws ubt it's in beta
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