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Nicely written feedback, Greek. Thanks for that.

I'm completely on top of the bug list right now. Once the reports start to fall off, i'll release a beta 2 that will include all the bug fixes and probably a bit of the new features (depending on how earth-shattering the bugs are).

I can already tell you that the Push and Saber Throw thing will be well balanced with guns. I've got a very, very evil solution to many of the Guns vs. Sabers gripes.

Originally posted by GrEEk_OuTcAsT
Played it about 5-6 Hours continiously today. Also done many many tests with the saber combat

Here are my comment tos ArtifeX:

The Good

- The Saber Combat is awesome because the Special Moves are very risky but still useful in many cases.

- The damages are greatly balanced. Unfortunately I couldn't use the Blue Stance so much except from the Front Ludge but that's something that will change soon as players will play/practise more.

- The blocking is as it must be. All swings are completely blocken if your the enemy is facing you except from the DFA and Air Flip. The Blue Ludge is fully blocken now, Something very good because it started to be spammed lately. Air Flip and DFA should remain unblockable because they are easily countered and are very risky.

The Bad

- Except from the bugs that other players reported there is nothing bad with this awesome mod. Maybe there are some issues with the FFA/CTF/Gun games which I don't play. Since I play only duels I can't comment on these.

- We need more servers! Especially Duel ones.

- - - - - - - - - -


Don't make rapid changes in the future version(s). All we need is standarized settings for saber combat that please most people and also require skill. Don't do changes like to stop the throwed saber with push. These changes seems interesting in the beginning but later they create problems. Just think of it, it would be cool to defend throws with push, but from the other side, imagine that advantage that the Gunners will get since they will simply absorb and throwed saber with one key/button.

Also don't give us the ability to change so many things. I don't know if it is possible but you should try to prevent people/servers from changing damage scale, ghoul2, sabertracesaberfirst and much more because there will be splits of the community again.

We want standart settings for everyone that plays this mod.

Congrats, this mod is the FIRST serious mod that finally tries to balance the game.

Other mods tried it (JK2++) but completely failed.

Ending it.. Don't do any joke and include duel sabers and these shi-t that noobs want to have fun. This mod is for Professionals as you said. Don't rely only on the community, you know that will happen if you rely completely on them....

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