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i'll help:

enemies are easy, since they're already set up for you. switch to thing mode (that redish whitish icon) and move the cursor to the spot you want the enemy to be, then press Insert on your keyboard to place it, it'll be a walkplayer at first, so with the thing you just placed selected (colored red), hit the enter key on your keyboard, and a list should come up, and where it says walkplayer, double-click that, and that should bring up another menu that you can browse through and find what you want to put in your level (the enemies are located under actors section), with your enemy (or object) selected, click the ok button, and then on the menu instead of walkplayer, you should see the name of the thing you selected. ok, now click on one of the things in the menu (anywhere on the menu only once though) to change the thing into what you wanted it to be. Now click the minimize key, and switch to 3d mode (F12), and then find your thing you just placed (don't click on ANYTHING in 3d mode), and then press the [ key a few times until the thing is above the ground, then all you have to do is save how you normally do, and go into mots or jedi knight and load up your level, and the thing you placed should be there ready to fight!
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