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Stormtrooper: Stand aside, citizen. All affiliates of the Aesirian Alliance have been ordered to be put under arrest. For the good of your homes.

Crowdsperson: They're right! Those Aesir must be stopped before they come back to destroy us all!

*shouts from the crowd* Yeah! Yeah!

Crowdsperson 2: Deac Starkiller was a close friend of the leader of the Aesir! Breaking news on the Galactic News Network! He was the right hand man of the Aesirian Alliance!

Crowdsperson 3: He was just as bad as the Dread Syrnl *he says the name and title like a curse word* himself!

Stormtrooper 2: Calm down citizens. The Imperial Republic can assure you that it will not allow its remaining protectorates to be endangered in this way! *to Orthos* Will you come peacefully or must we use force?

Misae: What in the Force do you think you're doing? What evidence do you have against him?

The mysterious girl and boy-gargoyle watched the whole proceedings from the alleyway, assuming they were hidden...until suddenly they were grabbed from behind, gagged and cuffed, and too startled to resist, shoved by a group of men forward into the open. Towards the now large squad of stormtroopers.

The men wore black suits with green IR goggles. They wore helmets of New Republic design. They each had white insignias in the vests of their suits, except for one, the leader, who wore a bright red symbol. His voice filtered through his bio-mask as he addressed the leader of the stormtroopers.

"Sir, we have captured more of the insurgents responsible for this. You can clearly see that the male alien here is one of the Aesir's bioengineered Death-warriors-"

Stormtrooper 3: *to Marin* What further proof do you need? *appealing to the crowd* You see! Already they are planning another attack! The presence of these scum here is no coincidence!

Crowd: "Forget taking them into custody!"

"Kill them!"

"We don't need to risk it!"

"Kill them now!"

*it becomes a chant*

"Kill them now! Kill them now!"

*The more militant crowd, fast becoming a mob, presses forward against the ring of stormtroopers. Misae ignites her lightsaber. "Stay back! I am a Jedi!"

"The Jedi are dead!"

"Imposter! She's with them!"

"Kill her too!"

The stormtroopers raise their blasters...when suddenly the sound of engines is heard. A large, rectangular freight transport swoops incredibly low through the streets, scattering the crowd out of the way. It stops in front of Orthos and the others, hovering in midair. Its bay doors open, and a familiar figure is revealed standing just above a startled Orthos, hair blowing in the turbulence created.

Raschel: *yelling above the sound of the engines* Well, Orthos, need a ride?

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