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Originally posted by JediKnight_114:
Try the all weapons cheat code and use only the saber for the whole game.
I've done that.

My trick: all weapons cheat, all Force powers cheat (Light & Dark, at full power).

Try to get through the game like a Jedi would; lightsaber only, avoiding/disarming enemies wherever possible, minimal civillian casualties (i.e., none). Best to have some way to keep a body count (not just of civillians, but of enemies too).

The goal is to finish the game with the lowest number of deaths. Naturally, Jedi are prepared to kill if necessary. Thing is, most of the time, it's not necessary.

Force-pulling weapons out of enemy hands is a remarkably useful skill. The only enemies that you can't disarm (AT-STs, droids, kells, and grenade throwers) can usually be avoided, tricked, or outrun.

Remember, every time you fight, you risk losing; it's always best to use stealth and speed to avoid "meaningless" combat.

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