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Hey Rapina!

And yeah, JK's lightside ending is cool, mainly because it's the only ending of the three that fits into the continuity.

Outcome 1 (Light or Dark): Kyle dies in battle with Jerec. Jerec gains absolute power from the Valley, destroys the New Republic, and saves the Empire by setting himself up as Emperor.

Outcome 2 (Dark): Kyle (Dark Side) defeats Jerec and takes the Valley's power for himself. He leaves Sariss to deal with the Rebels while he becomes the new Emperor, spreading the Dark Side's power throughout the galaxy.

Outcome 3 (Light): Kyle defeats Jerec and releases the energy stored up in the Valley of the Jedi. Because it goes unused, the Valley's power changes nothing in the galaxy --Thrawn still takes command of the Imperial remnant, and the war between the Empire and the Republic continues.

Thus, Outcome 3 is the only possible ending that is allowed for by the accepted continuity.

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