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Unhappy Totally stuck on Asteroid Crust - MOTS level 2

Right from the start I cannot find any "high" control panel to shoot to open the door in the Security Checkpoint. When I bang on the door it says "Mission Objective Completed" but I never got the "scope". I go thru the crack in the wall (which Trail says is on the far wall but is really on the near wall) but can't find any secret. I then continue up past the AT-ST but can't find any chimney to fall thru to the cavern floor where there is supposed to be a security perimeter and a computer panel thru a doorway. Instead I find a small building with one bad guy with a door that doesn't open. Where is this security perimter? I'm supposed to shoot some computer panel so some door doesn't close. I've used cheats to scour this entire level at my own pace but some of Trail's walkthru just doesn't make any sense. I'm really pulling my hair out here. Any help immensely appreciated!
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