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Yeah, I used the scope going in and out of the Tie Hanger area and it was awesome!

On a previous "fly" through of the level where I was totally lost and bewildered, something exploded and suddenly the lift starting moving. I have no idea what I did but I'll have to figure out again.

This was the most confusing level I've ever played in JK. I moved thru it backwards and mistook the security perimeter for the security checkpoint and visa versa.

I'm psyched! I have another 12 levels of JK (MotS) I've never played before. I usually get to games about two years after they come out. I thought I was going to shelf MotS like I did with my other FPS.

Man I wish Trail had finished his MotS walkthrough. I've heard people on being stuck in MotS and can't get help.

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