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The book got the vornskrs right by description, but they look too much like wolves for my taste. The WEG sourcebook for HttE has pics of vornskrs that look like a cross between a wolf, a doberman, a lynx, and a lion.

As for those so-called noghri --ugh!

"Real" noghri are small (they can pass for jawas), intelligent, swift, silent, and fiercely honourable.

Those grey ape-things are huge, stupid, lumbering, loud, and work for pirates!

Zahn designed his noghri to be assassins. MotS' noghri are designed to be big, mean monsters that jump out at you from shadows.

LEC wanted a name that would inspire fear in EU fans, so they added the "noghri" to the game with absolutely no regard for the background (just like they did to Mara and even Kyle).

It may be a great game, but story-wise MotS stinks worse than the Holiday Special.

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