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((OOS: I think Termand Rwos would be interested to know that he's one of the Aesir's "bioengineered Death Warriors"...))

Raschel: Your friends! *yells outside* Get on! *the boy and the girl look hesitant for a moment. They look at each other, then run for the transport doors. Josine, Heimdall, and Misae leap after them into the transport as it takes off.

The black-suited men shove through the stormtroopers, unaffected by the Force blast, and open fire at the transport with slimmed-down concussion rifles. The hits jolt the massive vehicle, then its shields go up and it lifts out of range*

Raschel: *rushing to the cockpit of the freighter, where a pilot droid is manning the controls* Orthos! Can you believe what is going on? You haven't seen the holonews, have you?

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