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I'd like force seeing to have something new. Perhaps showing the target's current health/force power, or perhaps when someone uses the scope on the disruptor, it draws a line to where they are aiming...or some X where they are aiming.

Think about it

Force Seeing:
See trip mines better ( already see them fine)

See people through walls (Most games are so frantic and deathmatch, there's really no use to know when someones coming, because they are always everywhere)

Detect mind trick (It's only good use, but there arn't alot of people who use mind trick. You can also use push/pull to see where enemies are that are using mind trick, because that air pocket animation shows up on their hands, and also you can watch your crosshair, if it moves by itself, there's a mind tricker in front of you not too far away)

Vs all the other powers, mind trick is the weakest power.

They do need more force powers, because everything is cookie cutter now. 80% of player use push/pull, jump, and either absorb or grip.

Force Safe Fall - slows falling rate

Force Bind - if 3 Force Bind users form up a small group somewhere, they can bind their force powers together and create a "blue fireball" that hurdles towards where they are aiming, and explodes like a huge repeater secondary round. pretty much, a massive disruption of the force. (Would require teamwork of 3)

I'd like to see force push and pull having the ability to pull weapons that have dropped on the ground. (as in, when someone dies, their weapon drops, and you could pull it to you)

I'd like there to be some martial artist moves. Trick is, the one who chooses the martial artitist isn't allowed to use any weapons expect the saber and the blaster. Also, there is a 5 second delay between doing the same move no kick kick kick kick kick.


Access to the butterfly and cartwheel animations

Foward kick- your basic karata kick (dmg)

Flip kick- Jump up, and pivet to your left and swing your foot across their face (dmg, plus knocks them sideways)

Body Flip- if you get knocked down, and someone is about to jump towards you (with saber or just trying to kick), you can lift your legs up to their chest, grab their shoulders, and flip them over your head to the ground behind you.

Dragon Flight- A short range lunging kick

Something more than the cookie cutter saber fight...add some interesting variety!

(If you think it's too "powerful", dont forget, they can't use ANYThING but a saber and a pistol...I'd say one repeater would totally overule all of this by power)

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