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The Good the Bad and the Ugly

The Good I learnt how to make
a walking avitar, my first one!!!!!
It is Celso staring in:
"Deadman Walking."

The bad, well not really bad,
I am ordering my screen saver
and registered version of Hypersnap
tomorrow, or today,
so soon I will have soul savers
for people on the forums who want
a GF screen saver.

and the Ugly, me thinks Geocities
has shut me out. I am sure I have been
banned from there; see metallus there
is still hope.
my fansite is larger than 10mb
which is all Geocities gives you.
In fact it is bigger than
a geocities pro site of 25mb
I can't access my pages
or upload it says I have reached
a limit (theirs I suspect)
and they want me to contact them.
well I think Calaverablanca
just like CMOTD (discworld)
is going to have to set up shop
elsewhere. so I may be cyber nomadic
for a while unless someone knows
a good place I can get free hosting
and a lot of it.

anyway thanks goes out to Kjolen
for helping me learn how to make
a walking avitar.

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