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That is definitely a tough question, so I'll say I liked all of them except most of the levels where you meet the Dark Jedi. I thought the level design was somewhat weak on those, apart from the fight with Maw and the fight with the manic twilek.

There are some levels that stick in my mind, however, from when I first played the game...

Nar Shadaa (level 1) - because it just seemed to go on...and on...and on... I played Quake 2 at the same time as JK, and I instantly noticed how *short* Q2's levels were. As I was playing JK level 1 I was thinking to myself - WOW, this is huge, just like it's meant to be...

The Falling Ship - because it was totally original. I'd never encountered anything like that in any FPS before, and it simply rocked big time - and literally! I also thought the cut scene that followed was the most dramatic in the entire game...

As far as my favourite Dark Jedi battle goes, I would have to say the duel with Maw. I mean the guy had no legs, and he had that marvellous spin attack...neat...

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