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My fave levels are the two Nar Shaddaa levels and the fueling station.

What I'd like to see is some way to combine the Nar Shaddaa levels in MP, so you can actually go from one to the other.

I'd also like to see an MP version of Morgan Katarn's house, but intact, as it was before Jerec's men and the tuskens took over. I've looked at the map, and that dead-end corridor (where Kyle says "I guess somebody doesn't want to have company") leads to Morgan's lab. The boarded-up windows on the front walls could be opened, the floor repaired, the blocked doorways opened. . .

Originally posted by oninosensi:
Hey, what would be cool is a MP level based off a tumbling ship/platform; think Bespin in a bad windstorm!
I had an idea once for an MP level with a timer, set on an exploding "oil-rig" type setup.

As the timer counts down, the level disintigrates into fires and explosions. I don't mean the random bangs that happen during the falling ship level, I mean actual structural damage, like walls tumbling down, or floors coming apart and dropping players into the water (where they have to avoid falling debris).

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