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Good news!
either geocities was down
or busy or I exceeded my
daily transfer rate (possible)
but I can access it again.

Bebop Bones
the music section
for now is done.
(need to work on mp3's)
next I will be taking on
year 1 of Snappy Patter
and year 1 of Skeleton Closets.

then onto soul savers
and deathtop themes
for year 1.

*and of course updating
astrology fandango,
and next months calendar for sept.*

"any comments on what you'ld
like to see sept's calendar being?
I think Brennis and the tube room
since sept is labor day."

also does anyone look at
their grim horoscopes?

yes, no, maybe?
do you like this,
hate it,
think it's dumb?
if it is not popular
then I will not waste time
or space doing it,
I thought it would be funny
that's all.

Chowchilla Bye for now.

Beware the lollipop of mediocrity, lick once and you suck forever
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