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Never mind, i got a different editor for a different game and it's a bit easier to use (it's the Eradicator by accolade) i need to get the "hang" of it first probably before i go onto the more cooler editing program. Oh, does anybody here have the game Eradicator, it's similar to doom i guess (i only played doom for the n64). You can fully create the levels, but it's all done in DOS mode only. It took me forever to figure out how to open the editor.

Oh, and can somebody get these rogue squadron code beggers off my tail? I am not factor5. i thknk factor5's email is or something like that, go to and they got tons of codes there for rogue squadron, but unforutnately they don't have the code that i was thinking they should have, the one that i do not know the name of.
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