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Heimdall: However the imperials were hit just as hard if not harder, then the Republic. Even if they could find the Aesir, how could anyone believe that it would be possible to attack them. This is what happens when you have wide spread fear, and anger. This is the perfect forumal for a takeover.

(Think of the book 1984)
The government will use the Aesir to keep control of the populace now. If you go against them you will be accused of being in legue with the Aesirian Alliance. Torture will probably make you confess, then you will summarily be executed. The public meanwhile will be happy thinking that something is being done agaisnt the Aesir. While the public will be happy they will also be in constant fear of being accused as an Aesirian sabator, or spy.

What she said about the Jedi is true, they no longer exist. Yavin was among the systems destroyed. That Hutt also accused the Jedi of being part of this alliance. I'm beating that sooner or later the government will hunt down any surviving jedi, if there are any.
(think of NJO books as far as this goes)

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