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I had a similar problem on that early mission where you drop off the spice at the viraxo station and run. Emon or whoever would run without getting Aeron and she isn't in her ship! She was in some cargo thing the one time when I just got my friend to beat it for me! The Andrasta docked with a "random?" container and he said he had her. Then it deducted like 1500 points from my friends score when he blew up her old ship just before the Imps arrived. I couldn't win because Emon wouldn't dock before he ran and whenever I blew up her ship it said mission failed. Why did the score go down? Why did the mission fail every other time before? It was my ####ing objective to destroy it. That was patched and I played that level some 20 times when I lost because I blew up the ship, I didn't blow up the ship and Emon didn't dock in time, or Emon crashed into the space station. I couldn't win and it wasn't my fault. My friend was a pro and he mopped up the entire Viraxo squad in half the time it took me and he still just barely made it. That was like the 3rd level! What's up with that.
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