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Yeah, all the powers we lost from JK1 and MotS.


The "other" version of Force Seeing (that actually dispels darkness, makes a noise to give away your position, etc)

Force Farsight (not only to leave your body, but to have a legit way to stop yourself from taking falling damage if you're quick with the button)

Force Throw (I guess we have to add objects into the levels to have this one work right)

Force Projection (except make it so that the "decoy" it creates does random actions instead of just punching or I guess Stun Batoning in this case)

Force Pull (actually pull objects towards you, like in Single Player or JK1)

Force Destruction (the flaming orange beachball of doom!!!)

Force Deadly Sight (toasty!)

Man, those were fun... there'd be balancing issues sure, but that could be done.

Now you're right, if we're talking SP here, then no balance is needed.

I'd love to see Force Speed as fast as it was in JK1 (you could accomplish this in part by speeding up the movement in general) with the ability to speed over mines, again like in JK1. Those mines rocked too.

And I say if your arms are both cut off, you have to use up force mana to levitate your gun/saber in front of you. ; )

Or maybe you could have an engineer class, who can build bionic limbs!
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