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Girl: *she is one of the shorter in the group, and although apparently human there is an alien quality about her. Her skin, hair and eyes are all variations of chestnut brown* My name is Marin. *she doesn't offer a last name*

Boy: *he is a young black-haired gargoyle, winged, tailed and clawed; his skin is dark blue, and his eyes seem to crackle. Unlike, for example, Termand Rwos, his face is quite humanlike, except for his pointed ears and spiked brow* Mine is Aidan Saph'rai.

Misae: My name is Misae Arjas. I am a Jedi. My master is dead, because of the Aesir.

Raschel: My name is Raschel Sheire. And, *pauses, realizing she doesn't know Hemidall's name*

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