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Console commands help needed please

ok, I have a few questions for multiplayer

How do you get forcepower to either regen extremely fast or not run out at all. I set g_forceregentime to 1 (default is 200) and that makes it regen a lot faster, but not as much as I was trying to get. Another nice thing to have would be a higher MAX force meter.

Next questions are for Jedimod. When I run a Jedi vs Merc server with Jedimod 1.2 installed, I cannot select a TEAM COLOR, nor can clients or bots, regardless of what team they join. They can only pick default model skins. I want to be able to select RED/BLUE CTF skins for me and bots, but I cannot, not even if I type it into the console. It stays default.

The second problem is the TCK SABER MOD selection does not work. Bots spawn with default saber color and clients all join with blue, no matter what the TCK RGB colors are set at.

I have deleted the autoexec.cfg and the jk2mpconfig.cfg in the gamedate/jedimod folder, and they were rebuilt fine (I had to set all my binds and settings again) but I am still having the problems with jedi vs merc.

Can someone please help out?

Here are a few console commands I found but would like to know what they do.


There are a lot more but none I can think of as important as the ones I mentioned.

Thanks beforehand and I hope someone can help me out

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